2015 – what a year!


Its that time of year again and I just couldn’t help but have a little self indulgent look back on 2015 and how far Bodywyrcs has come in the short time its been running…

2015 has been my first year in business with Bodywyrcs and everything has changed. I can honestly say I’ve never worked so hard in my life & so far, its all been worth it. At the start of the year I was newly qualified & working a full time job on the side to support myself while squeezing in appointments on evenings and weekends, dedicating Saturdays to rugby days and attending every event I could. Plans were often cancelled as I realised I couldn’t do everything all at once, and I’ve probably been a pretty rubbish friend at times – sorry for that!

I also discovered that a career in sports therapy is a commitment to constant learning and basically, questioning everything! Rarely is there a definitive answer to any one problem – every single person I’ve treated has had different needs & as a result, different treatments & outcomes. There are some pretty hefty debates going on in this industry – which can be pretty overwhelming (and a bit exciting at the same time mind!) – checking out my Twitter feed now leaves me wading through research for ages…which luckily I enjoy!

And my boundaries have definitely been pushed – I am not one to stand up and shout about what I do (and in this case how awesome it is). The daft thing being I’ve worked in marketing for many, many years but have never had to use it on myself, and no matter how many lovely reviews or emails I receive I still feel like a big old show off when I share it on Facebook!!

But as I say, its been worth it. And I think the only reason I’ve not become a wee bit insane during the process is down to the fact that I absolutely 100% love & believe in what I do.

Plus, in only my first year I’ve helped raise hundreds of £££ for charities by simply doing what I enjoy, working at lots of brilliant local events – and am continuing to do so with my current fundraising attempt here, if you’re feeling generous :)

So 2015, while challenging, has left me in a great position for the start of 2016. I can’t thank all my lovely customers enough for working with me & spreading the word – think I’ve met more of my community in this last year than in the whole time I’ve lived here, which has been lovely!

Plus a HUGE thanks to the massively supportive & ridiculously knowledgeable Active Health for bringing me to this point where I’m making a difference in peoples lives – here’s to more learning in the new year (level 6 here I come!) & hopefully some more exciting new developments for Bodywyrcs. X

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