Exercise Therapy Explained


“So, how have you been getting on with the exercises I gave you…?”

“Erm….if I’m honest…I didn’t have time…sorry”

You might be familiar with this conversation, as well as ‘the look’ that often goes with it! It feels like you’re back at school & on the receiving end of a telling off for forgetting your homework – and nobody wants to be back there!!

But I feel the need to clear the air and let you know, I’m really not telling you off. Honest! I JUST WANT WHATS BEST FOR YOU! (And if I am giving you ‘the look’ just know that I’m trying really hard not to!)

Heres the thing, when you book in for your 1 hour appointment to help sort painful knees, screaming sciatica, creaking shoulders or anything else on the long list of everyday aches and pains, you have certain expectations.

Usually those expectations involve the relief of pain, some sort of analysis & reasoning as to why this happened in the first place and the reassurance that it’s all sorted and won’t ever happen again…ever! Never, ever, EVER again!

Believe me, I’ve been there too!

But rehabilitation is a tricky thing and those exercises and stretches that I give you at the end are an important part of the process (known as Exercise Therapy) – the 1 hour treatment when you’re having your muscles manipulated & joints mobilised can leave you feeling wonderfully ironed out & free, but to prolong that feeling, get the most from your ££ & really enjoy the long-term benefits there’s a bit of habit forming to be done back at home. (If I could enforce yoga classes on all my clients I honestly would…but that’s not legal…yet…)

So, in summary, the reason I’m asking if you’ve done them isn’t so I can point my finger, tut, shake my head and make you feel bad – when I’m asking (and trying not to give ‘the look’), it is far more likely that these are the thoughts running through my head:

  1. If you’ve been doing them have they been making a difference – are they hitting the right spot? Are you feeling stronger? Are you experiencing any pain? Do you need to take the next step up in your rehab?
  2. Do I need to rethink the exercises I’ve given? Are you able to fit them into your schedule? Are you happy with them & happy that you’re doing them right?
  3. If you’re not doing them, how can I make them more interesting or simple? Perhaps we need to run through them again?
  4. Maybe you’ve gone back into 100% training again without taking the steps to strengthen & prepare your body – it could be there’s an event coming up that you can’t miss! Probably means it’s time to take a look at the bigger picture and what your long term priorities are – this is always a tricky one!

Whatever your personal situation is, the last thing I want is for a month or 2 to pass and for the pain to have steadily crept back – which can often lead to a vicious cycle of sporadic treatments, short lived pain relief & consequently, recurring pain. Not fun!

There’s rarely a quick fix answer when it comes to our bodies – they’re complex and take time to heal and adapt. Sports Therapy is a great way to help your body on its way, but it can also be a brilliant catalyst for change if you take on board the information & advice you’ll receive.

I can honestly say, nothing beats hearing about a client who I’ve helped make subtle changes to their routine, and has consequently been smashing their PBs or even just getting back out on the trails following what felt like the end of their sporting career! It makes me all happy inside!

So if you think I can help you I’d be more than happy to chat through the kind of treatment you might be likely to need – don’t be afraid to voice your opinion & tell your therapist how it is, it’s your time and your money so the outcome needs to fit your lifestyle too.

And if I ever give you ‘the look’ please feel free to tell me where to go…



P.S. Big moody Owl courtesy of Mark A C Photos

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