Myofascial what??


Which is normally the reaction when mentioning Myofascial Release. You might have noticed it in my list of Treatments – sounds impressive, right? But what on earth is it??

Simply put, its a technique that releases your fascia.

Next question, what on earth is fascia?

Super simple explanation = Fascia is a cobweb of elastin, collagen and ground substance (mainly water) which wraps round all your muscles, muscle fibres, organs, bones and everything else. It holds us together – gives structure – and is all connected from top to bottom and back to front. We’re full of it! (Google an image of it if you’ve got a strong stomach!)

And that is why its so important! Its all interconnected which means an injury in one part of your body can domino into something affecting a completely different area. The pain you feel could simply be down to the tightened fascia restricting your muscle movement, a tightness which could have originated elsewhere!

By being aware of fascia, how it works and what it does we can make our treatments more successful. Sometimes it might seem a bit odd when you come in with pain in your calves and we start work on your glutes but believe me, its all connected and rather than keep on treating the same old symptom that never seems to go away, by working with your fascia in mind we can get to the source of the problem and fingers crossed you won’t need to come back again…in the nicest possible way ;)

If you think you might like to know a bit more about fascia I think this article explains it really nicely! Happy reading!

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