Some testimonials from lovely customers – always makes me happy to know I’ve helped them carry on doing what they love doing!


As aquotes Welsh Regional Development squad triathlete who requires deep tissue work periodically, I have visited numerous massage therapists but Cerys remains my favourite. I visit her with my body feeling like a pretzel but always come away feeling like a new person. She really knows her stuff and has provided me with ongoing support during the rehabilitation of my recent hip flexor injury. I cannot recommend her enough – Jasmine Bquotes2



I asked 1Cerys to look at my knee which was giving me a lot of pain. It came about after I’d been on a run – I can’t emphasise how painful it was. Her treatment involved pushing out the different muscles in my leg. She also gave me exercises to do that would also help and she showed me some better stretches I could do after my running. She only needed to give me a few sessions before the pain was getting better. 6 months later, and thanks to her skill, I can crouch down with no pain at all. Would recommend Cerys to anyone. - Steve M2


orange-closing-quotation-mark-hi2I’ve been to Cerys recently with a really painful back. Initially I think it was caused by nothing more rock and roll than coughing but it had been seriously aggravated by rowing. I was in so much pain it was difficult to sit or stand for more than a few minutes at a time and bending down was near impossible. Cerys was really thorough & explained everything she was doing. I followed her advice to drink plenty of water, exercise with the simple stretches she gave me and refrained from doing anything strenuous and thankfully was pain free within a day or two. – Julie Morange-closing-quotation-mark-hi




11179988_10153237616161215_1720215869_nI got into doing a bit of running in the last year and, having never really done it before, I’ve experienced some muscle problems along the way. Cerys has managed to sort these out for me very well. Most recently, while training for a 15.5 mile run, I ended up with acute pain in my lower back a few days after each run. Cerys got to work on it and 4 days after hardly being able to walk, I ran the 15.5 miles fine, and didn’t experience any problems afterwards. Thanks Cerys! - Lawrencered2



073305-pink-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-quote-close1Since having my baby 18 months ago and pushing an increasingly heavy pram around, I’d noticed a frequent pain in my back and left shoulder. Cerys described what I’d done and then spent 40 mins massaging and working her magic! I was told to expect a bit of aching the next day (which was only very slight) and to be able to feel improvements from then on. I did – I’ve not had the pain back and have also altered the way I push the pram so I don’t end up in the same position in future. I can’t recommend Cerys enough! – Jane073305-pink-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-quote-close2





I visited Cerys for treatment on a 20 year old shoulder injury that had healed badly causing me severe headaches & back pain. After only 4 sessions I am completely headache free and muscles are repairing correctly! I would highly recommend anyone with aches and pains to see Cerys as its so easy to sort out. Suffering is so unnecessary – plus for post-sporting events it makes you feel super relaxed and eliminates those day after aches – Angela


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