Each Bodywyrcs appointment will combine lots of different techniques to help get to the bottom of your problem. I often have people come expecting a simple massage and going away with a whole lot more. So to give you a bit more background on what to expect these are a few of the techniques I regularly use in my treatments – each of which is created specifically for you, the customer.


Sports Massage: A deep tissue massage. Great for leaving you feeling relaxed and relieving feelings of stress and anxiety – a great opportunity to just focus on you & iron out problem areas. Prevention is always better than cure and a good sports massage now and then can help keep your body fighting fit! £30 per hour.


Acupuncture: I practise medical acupuncture which focuses on pain relief (for traditional Chinese acupuncture I can make good local recommendations). Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and helps lower pain levels – particularly effective when it comes to sciatica and piroformis syndrome. £30 per half hour.


Injury Rehabilitation: An injury for a sportsperson can be the most frustrating thing as it never seems to heal fast enough – but with good management we can make sure you’re not out of action any longer than absolutely necessary. It all depends on the specific injury, but we’ll use a combination of muscle strength tests, joint mobilisation, muscle energy techniques to assess what’s going on. Then we can provide you with the appropriate strength and proprioception exercises to get you back to fitness in simple rehab plans. £35 per hour (as part of sports therapy treatment)


Myofascial Release: This is an intense 3 hour session. We work through the whole body & deal with any chronic issues. The treatment is based around postural assessment, strength testing & deep soft tissue therapy. £90 per session.


Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger points are specific areas of tension or pain. They can occur due to repetitive injury, posture or can be stress related. Treatment involves focusing in on the area with more intense pressure, and the results can leave you feeling like you’re floating. £35 per hour (as part of sports therapy treatment)


Electrotherapy: I use ultrasound and Tens machines in some of my sports therapy treatments and they can be handy little tools when it comes to managing pain, muscle spasm and injury recovery. £35 per hour (as part of sports therapy treatment)


Lymphatic Drainage: This is an extremely light massage working with the lymphatic system. Good for use on areas of swelling and in places where the pressure of regular massage cannot be tolerated.


Rock Taping: Kinesiology taping is simply adhesive elasticated bandage with more grip! Some people love it and other really don’t. But it can be ideal in the stages of returning to sport where you might need a little light support that can allow you to forget about an old injury and focus on enjoying yourself.


So thats a few of my tools that I use to help you feel better – although there are plenty more where they came from!

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